Brown Carbohydrates

Brown Carbohydrates

Brown carbohydrates – healthy or not? Do you need brown carbohydrates? Brown carbohydrates vs. white carbohydrates – which is a better choice? Some people think that brown carbohydrates are healthy, but is it really true that brown carbohydrates are better for you than, say, white carbohydrates? Given what we know about white carbs, I would not blame anyone who would assume that brown carbs are just as bad as white carbs. Carbs are carbs, right? Not exactly.

While an overwhelming majority of experts and armchair nutritionists agree that you need to have the list of white carbs to avoid stapled on your walls around the house, most of them also believe that brown carbs are not as bad as white carbs and many experts actually claim that brown carbs are healthy and good for you. Me? Whenever I hear people mention carbohydrates, I immediately think of a sugar detox that I usually go on after eating carbs, white or brown.

Okay, okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little. It is true that brown carbs are not as bad as white carbs. Brown carbs contain more fiber and nutrients, which makes them a much better choice than refined carbs. In addition, brown carbs do not spike blood sugar as high as white carbs do. Why is it important? Because when blood sugar gets elevated quickly, it then goes down quickly, which makes you feel drained and low on energy. In other words, brown carbs provide your body with a more consistent source of energy.

What is the best time to consume brown carbs? In the morning and around two hours before going to your favorite gym.

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