Brooke Burke Diet Plan

Brooke Burke Diet Plan

Brooke Burke‘s diet plan – terrible or perfect? Is Brooke Burke’s diet plan for those who need to lose 30 pounds in 3 months? Is Brooke Burke’s diet plan for those who need to lose weight in one month? I do not know if Brooke Burke’s diet plan can help you lose a certain number of pounds in a predetermined time period, but she does follow a good diet.

While I would not describe Brooke Burke’s diet plan as a weight-loss plan per se, the fact that she keeps her daily calorie consumption below 2,000 calories a day, means that her diet is a pretty good model for someone who wants to lose weight. I like Brooke Burke’s diet plan not only because it keeps calories under control, but perhaps more importantly, because of what she does not eat. She admits to craving pizza, she does not, however, have a sweet tooth, which is a big plus.

Let’s face it, if you are addicted to sugar and want to lose weight, you probably need sugar detox or no sugar no flour diet to ditch your sugar addiction. It is not easy to lose weight when a substantial portion of your daily calorie intake comes from nutritionally empty calories. Brooke does not have this problem, which makes it a lot easier for her to maintain her weight.

Breakfast (about 449 calories). She starts the day with a protein shake consisting of vegan protein powder, almond milk and frozen berries.

Lunch (about 220 calories). One word: Sushi.

Snack (about 344 calories). Sometimes, she snacks on PowerBar Pria or lentil soup. On some days she goes for a handful of almonds, an apple, yogurt, and green tea.

Dinner (about 631 calories). Believe it or not, she actually cooks at home, think steamed vegetables (zucchini and broccoli) with steak.

Total daily calories: About 1,644 calories. [source: OK!]

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