Brock Lesnar: Workout and Training

Brock Lesnar: Workout and Training

Note: You can see Brock Lesnar‘s workout here.

Brock Lesnar trains twice a day four days per week. The morning workout focuses on fighting skills. The evening workout emphasizes running and weights, and he alternates a six-week power cycle (below) with a four-week conditioning cycle.

Power workouts are typically preceded by wind sprints or elliptical trainer work. Conditioning workouts come after 2-mile runs, and his lifting focuses on circuits, high reps and negatives. [via]

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4 Responses to “Brock Lesnar: Workout and Training”

  1. Cody Says:

    Is the difference between the power and conditioning workouts the fact that power workout includes wind sprints and the conditioning workout includes the 2-mile run? And when you say “circuits” does that mean he does one set for each exercise and moves on to the next until he’s done all the exercises, then does them again until all the sets are finished? And what are “negatives”? thanks

  2. Christopher Hartmn Says:

    brock lesnars a beast…good luck with your fight against Mir.

  3. Jim Says:

    an example of negatives, when doin curls contract muscles on the way up but dont just let the weight drop on the way down, slowly bring the weight down, dis is negative

  4. Roy Says:

    Negatives are when you put a large amount of weight that you KNOW you can’t do, but it’s not a crazy amount. (say your max bench press is 315, you put 320 on for one set *note: make sure to have a spotter or two* do 5 or so negatives, then add 5 more pounds) You are supposed to go down very slow, but have your spotters help you pull it up.

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