Brian Boitano Weight Loss

Brian Boitano Weight Loss

The story about Brian Boitano‘s weight loss is very interesting. We know that models are routinely forced to lose weight, but Brian Boitano’s weight loss is a different story. What is so special about Brian Boitano’s weight loss? Well, I had no idea that figure skaters are under a lot of pressure to lose weight, even if this pressure is self-induced.

“Most male skaters are 5’3″, 5’4″,” says the 5’11” Boitano. “Compared to them, I was a giant, with big legs and a booty. Judges were always telling me to lose weight – and I worried they’d ignore my talent because of it.”

So basically, the 1988 Olympic gold medal, four U.S. National titles and two World Championships he won never should have happened. I had no idea judges even talk to the performers, but to tell them to lose weight seems totally inappropriate. It is not like Brian was overweight, he was normal.

The good news is that Brian Boitano’s weight loss experience did not turn into an eating disorder. Thanks to Food Network, he now has a cooking show called What Would Brian Boitano Make? – a surprisingly good show that I enjoyed watching a few times. [via]

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