Bradley Cooper Exercise Routine

Bradley Cooper Exercise Routine

Bradley Cooper‘s exercise routine is puzzling. Bradley Cooper’s exercise routine is also nonexistent. Huh? Well, Bradley Cooper’s exercise routine has changed for the worse, in my opinion. Bradley Cooper’s workout and Bradley Cooper’s diet used to be pretty good – his diet is still good, by the way – but he has recently admitted that his new exercise routine is different from what it used to be. If you have seen Bradley Cooper shirtless, it is clear that he exercises regularly.

In fact, to prepare for his role in The A-Team, he followed a pretty crazy exercise program. It was effective, but while filming the movie he has injured his hamstring. Is it a huge deal? No, not necessarily. As it turns out, however, he says that because of that injury, while he is still “very sporty,” he does not run anymore. Goodbye cardio. Hello belly fat! Joking aside, he did say that now he is going to do yoga.

I do not really understand what running has to do with weightlifting. I mean, you can pump iron while seating on a couch. Okay, bad example, obviously, but I hope you get my point. Regardless of whether or not he is actually going to do yoga – I hope not – I do not see him not being in shape any time soon. Do you? [source: People]

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