Borage Oil: GLA and Weight Loss

Borage Oil: GLA and Weight LossHave you lost weight? Congratulations! Now you need to keep lost pounds off for good. A fatty acid may be the key to keeping off discarded pounds, according to a new University of California at Davis study.

Researchers had 23 formerly obese adults take 5 grams daily of borage oil – the richest natural source of an omega-6 fat called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

After a year of supplementing with GLA post-weight loss, the participants regained 80 percent fewer pounds than a control group did.

Being overweight reduces levels of arachidonic acid in key membranes, which makes it easier for the body to store fat, according to study author Stephen Phinney, M.D., Ph.D.

Unfortunately, shedding fat doesn’t reverse this problem. But consuming GLA may, by pushing the body to produce more arachidonic acid. [source: Men’s Health]

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