Bill Clinton Weight Loss

Bill Clinton Weight Loss

Continued from Bill Clinton’s Diet.

Bill Clinton‘s weight loss – healthy or not? I think Bill Clinton’s weight loss is awesome. Why? Because Bill Clinton’s weight loss is an example of what a good diet can do. How much weight has he lost? Bill Clinton’s weight loss is estimated to be around 25 pounds (say hello to the vegan weight loss plan), which is not a huge amount of weight, but given the fact that he was not all that overweight to begin with, 25 pounds has made a visible difference in the way he looks.

Some would say that he looks too skinny now, but I disagree. It is a matter of perspective. We are used to seeing him at certain weight, and now that he has lost weight, it seems as if he is too skinny, when in reality his weight is normal. Why did he lose weight? For health reasons, of course.

The most amazing thing about Bill Clinton’s weight loss? His weight now is within the range of what he weighed in high school. How cool is that? I think it is great. The question is, however, does he know what he need to do to maintain the lost weight? I hope so. It is not complicated. All he needs to do is to follow the same diet he is now. [source: CNN]

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