Bill Clinton Diet

Bill Clinton Diet

Bill Clinton‘s diet is unbelievable. I mean, Bill Clinton’s diet is unbelievably good. What is so special about Bill Clinton’s diet? Frankly, Bill Clinton’s diet is not special at all, but it is extremely surprising, at least for me, that someone like him would become a vegan. That’s right, Bill Clinton’s diet closely resembles a vegan diet, so I guess it is hardly surprising that he has lost 25 pounds on it. He has not exactly followed a vegan weight loss plan, but it is clear that eating rabbit food works, at least for him.

Bill Clinton’s diet deconstructed So what does he eat? First of all, he does not eat meat any more, but he does eat some fish from time to time. He drinks a protein shake for breakfast, and he also drinks a smoothie of sorts that contains almond milk, some protein powder and fruit. He does not drink real milk. He also does not consume any dairy.

In short, Bill Clinton’s diet can be described as a plan-based diet. Why has he decided to follow a plan-based diet? Because of his heart condition. He says that according to a number of scientific studies, a plan-based diet reverses heart disease (the success rate is around 80 percent), which is true, but it is also true that you can follow a healthy diet without excluding entire food groups from your diet. It is all about the quality of the foods that you eat. [source: CNN]

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