Big Fat Lie

Big Fat Lie

Here is a big fat lie: butter is bad for you. And here is another big fat lie: eating butter will make you fat. In reality, many food products can make you fat if you are unable to control how much you eat. Nutritionally speaking, natural, minimally processed butter from grass-fed cows contains healthy fats – it is true, however, that like any fat, butter is higher in calories than carbohydrates or protein. But who wants to count calories, right?

That said, the ad above does make a good point. Quality soft spreads are nutritious, too. I do not think they are as nutritious as real butter, but they can be incorporated into a healthy diet. They contain a lot less saturated fat than butter, which is not a big deal if your cholesterol levels are normal, and most of them do not contain trans fats, which is a very good thing.

When it comes to taste, however, since they are made with plant oils, they are not very consistent and sometimes have a peculiar aftertaste, in my opinion. Do you use soft spreads? Which is your favorite brand?

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