Beyonce Knowles Diet

Beyonce Knowles Diet

Beyonce Knowles‘ diet has changed. Hopefully, the idea that you can lose weight by drinking sugary water with lemon juice, which Beyonce Knowles’ diet has popularized, is the thing of the forgotten past.

Essentially, Beyonce Knowles’ diet habits were random and unsustainable, which explains why her weight was in a perpetual yo-yoing state. It seems she has learned the lesson – that is, you cannot rely on fad diets to stay in top shape.

How Beyonce Knowles’ diet has changed Just like most people, Beyonce cannot eat what she wants and not go to the gym. Of course, even if she regularly goes to the gym, there are still limits to how many calories she can burn a day. Because of that, Beyonce Knowles’ diet has to maintain a delicate balance between giving her enough calories to support her energy needs and being nutritious.

So, how does Beyonce Knowles’ diet do that? What does she eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Here is a sample of Beyonce Knowles’ diet on a typical day in her busy life.

Breakfast Complex carbohydrates in the morning are a pretty good source of energy and not a bad way to start a day. Personally, I prefer a protein-heavy breakfast, but Beyonce’s breakfast options are healthy (think Special K or granola).

Lunch She has come up with something called the Sasha salad. It contains chicken breast, vinegar, jalapenos, oil, greens, avocado, and tomatoes. It is hard to go wrong with vegetables and protein. The Sasha salad sounds delicious!

Snacks Beyonce’s snacking options include various fruits, as well as carrots, cucumbers and celery dipped in vinaigrette.

Dinner Just like her lunch, Beyonce’s dinner is excellent (think vegetables and grilled fish).

Treats Strict dieting rules and restrictive diets are hard to follow, and ultimately unsustainable. If your goal is to permanently change your eating habits, you have to satisfy your food cravings at least once or twice a week. And Beyonce is doing exactly that. She eats pizza or pasta once a week.

The bottom line on Beyonce Knowles’ diet I am cautiously optimistic that she will continue following her new diet. Her new eating habits are a big change from something like a Master Cleanse, so it could take her a while to become comfortable with them, but it should not take too long, especially when she starts seeing results. [source: In Touch]

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  1. casey Says:

    thanks beyonce for giving me tips how to eat and lose weight thank you. for sure i will do the sasha salad! and i hope that i lose a lot of weight. love you beyonce and jay z you to our my idols. thanks for everything you done. love you always and forever!

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