Bethenny Frankel Workout and Diet

Bethenny Frankel Workout and Diet

Bethenny Frankel‘s workout and diet are not lucid. We already know about Naturally Thin‘s approach to dieting and Bethenny Frankel’s diet, who wrote Naturally Thin, but there is more to learn about Bethenny Frankel’s workout and diet.

What is the problem with Bethenny Frankel’s workout and diet? It is not that there is something wrong with her approach to dieting and exercise, it is just that, well, it all sounds a bit confusing to me. Of course, it could be that I am simply too dumb to understand what she is talking about, but I doubt it.

Anyway, here is an excerpt from a recent interview with her in which she tries to explain her approach to dieting and exercise.

How’d you come up with Naturally Thin? About five years ago I said, “I am done. I am not afraid of avocado or oil anymore.” I went to Italy, and all of the rules came together. The first rule is, your diet is a bank account. If I have a gelato, I’m not going to have three drinks. No counting calories or points, because that’s obsessive.

You can eat whatever you want as long as it’s natural? No one gets fat putting cream in their coffee. We have gotten to a point where we think watermelon is bad and an Atkins bar that has 900 ingredients is good. That is why I say, “Release your Skinnygirl.” All of this is about trust, because if you come from a life of being afraid of food, it is hard to do that. I learned how to be thin. It was an evolution of being a person who was not afraid of being fat.

Do you work out? For me, yoga quiets down your food noise. Food noise is what all girls talk about. “I was bad, and I will be good tomorrow.” The book talks about not being “good” or “bad.” Food is not your best friend or your enemy.

What do you have if you want to indulge? I like a cocktail. But that’s your bank account. You can have it all, but you just cannot have it all at once. In June, my new line of Skinnygirl Margaritas will be out. At 96 calories a drink, it is the margarita you can trust.

Which celebrity would you say is the ultimate Skinnygirl? Cameron Diaz. She seems to be naturally athletic because she likes it – she is not doing four hours of yoga a day because she is terrified of being heavy.

Have you helped the Housewives become Skinnygirls as well? I have helped Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer. They have both lost weight. Ramona likes the idea that you have a bank account. [via]

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