Best Breast Implants

Best Breast Implants

The best breast implants – do they exist? Is there such a thing as the best breast implants? Some say that the best breast implants do not exist because all breast implants have lots of problems. Others disagree, and argue that many women are very happy with their breast implants. They also say that in order to find the best breast implants, you have to do your homework.

What do I think? I agree with the latter group, before you can find the best breast implants, you need to know the facts. But just like many other subject, the subject of breast implants is surrounded with a number of misconceptions, which means that if you really want to find the best breast implants out there, you need to know the facts and the myths.

There is a sure way of knowing which size implants you need. Fact! While implant size is ultimately the decision of the patient, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria says there are new three-dimensional computer-imaging devices (like the Portrait 3D by Axis Three) that can show exactly how a patient would look with her desired size.

Implants can leak or harden. Fact! “Breast implants can leak over time,” says New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Brian S. Glatt. “And if your implants do rupture, it is recommended that they be replaced.” But do not worry too much. “The contents of the implants will not travel beyond the implant pocket,” Dr. Glatt says, adding that while implants can harden over time, it is caused not from the implants themselves but from the normal scar tissue around the implants that contracts and squeezes them, referred to as capsular contracture.

You should change your implants every 10 years. Fiction! Some women say that they go through three sets of implants in less than 20 years, but Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn says that is not always necessary. “Most implants have a 10-year warranty, so they should last at least that long,” he says, “but the newer implants can last 15 to 20 years or even longer.”

Scarring from implant surgery is unavoidable. Fact! Unfortunately, there is little a woman can do about the implant scars. “There will always be a scar at the implant’s point of insertion [at the breast fold, belly button, areola or under the arms],” says Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour. “But how well the incisions heal and how much the scars show depends on skin type, genetics, postoperative care and other factors.”

Implants will remain permanently perky. Fiction! Breasts start to lose their perkiness overtime – regardless of whether they are natural or enhanced. “But the bigger the implants, the higher their chances of causing breasts to sag,” Dr. Calabria says. Thankfully, the problem can be fixed, says Dr. Glatt. Breast-lift surgery may help delay or rectify the inevitable effects of gravity.

There is always a danger of having an implant burst. Fact! Dr. Youn says the fear is not unfounded. “Implants can always break, but it generally takes a lot of force to actually burst one,” he explains. “However, there is no danger to the person if it does happen.”

It does not matter whether implants are placed over or under the muscle. Fiction! “It matters a lot,” says Dr. Glatt. “Over-the-muscle implants produce a less natural look because the implant is more visible, especially in thinner women.” Plus, he adds, when placed over the muscle, implants have a higher chance of developing capsular contracture, the hardening of the tissue around the implant.

It is dangerous for a woman with breast implants to fly. Fiction! Despite concerns about changes in air pressure, women should have no hesitation to fly the friendly skies. “It is not usually recommended to fly before three to five days have gone by after the operation,” says Dr. Forouzanpour, “but there is absolutely no danger of flying with breast implants after an adequate amount of time has passed to allow for proper healing and recovery. [via]

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