Ben Affleck’s Weight Loss

Ben Affleck's Weight LossBen Affleck has never been fat overweight, but his weight has fluctuated over the years. Now, at 35, he’s as skinny as he was in high school. According to an insider, Ben has lost a total of 40 pounds, thanks to daily workouts and an 1,800-calories-a-day diet.

“Ben looks great,” says Jackie Storm, a behavioral nutritionist with the New York Health and Racquet Club, who doesn’t work with Ben. “He is looking slim and healthy.”

Ben even bragged to a friend that he was able to fit into a pair of Levi’s jeans that he kept from his days as a high school student in Boston. “Ben has saved those jeans for almost 20 years,” the insider says. “He’s thrilled that they fit again.” [source: In Touch]

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