Belly Fat Belt and Testosterone Levels

Belly Fat Belt and Testosterone Levels

This belly fat belt has been designed for men to help them look slimmer. But is it just me or do you also think that men who actually use this belly fat belt have low testosterone levels? I mean, it is a scientific fact that belly fat has a negative effect on testosterone levels, why would you want to lower your testosterone levels even further with this belt?

Real men do not have belly fat. Or if they do, they probably want to lose belly fat, not to hide it. Same with the testosterone levels – if your testosterone levels are low, you want to increase your testosterone levels, not to hide the fact that your testosterone is low and you are slowly turning into a girlie-dude. Seriously, I rather walk around with a huge beer belly than wear some belly fat belt that makes me look as if I cannot control myself around french fries, which I cannot, by the way.

And look at this guy in the ad. It does not even look like he has belly fat to begin with. Is he even overweight? He obviously does not look like a fitness model, but he probably does not need to lose weight either.

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