Become Anorexic

Want to become anorexic? Do not become anorexic, but do not listen to me, here is what you need to know about anorexia from someone who went through this experience. I received the following email from Sarah Stewart (

“Hey there,

I found your web site today, and have been reading through and enjoying it. I wanted to make a comment about the post on “how to be anorexic.” I want you to share with girls what I’ve learned – I struggled with anorexia for about 15 years, starting with a change of schools and some issues at home when I was 15. I wanted to be “thinner,” although I already had a great body.

Anyway – the only thing I got, or other girls I know who were anorexic got – out of it – was madness. Your life became an endless struggle between food and will and missing out on so much – social and emotional. I didn’t connect with people because I was always hiding and didn’t want people to tell me to eat. I isolated myself, like many anorexics do. As for my body, it was either too thin to the point that people thought I had cancer, or bouncing back and forth 10 pounds where I never felt comfortable.

Another thing – I became an exercise-o-holic. I tried lots of diets, Zone, Atkins – etc.

Anyway, fast forward five years, and I was pregnant with my first child. This changed my life. I didn’t/couldn’t exercise as much. And when my son was born, I never knew such joy and fulfillment. Today, I exercise when I can for health and mostly enjoy stretching and pilates. And by not obsessing about food all the time – I lost five pounds, a weight I have been at for the last two years now.

Today, I eat three meals with my son, and dinner with my family. I don’t obsess about food or my body, but am thankful for what God has given me, and more so for my life, and family.

Tell girls – that anorexia is a lie. That it’s one thing to get healthy and another thing to turn all your focus on being someone you are not – or achieving some goal that can’t love you back or give you anything buy heart ache.

Tell them they’ll be better off to look outward for their fulfillment than inward. I know that sounds strange, but I’ve found I am truly happy when I focus on life and others and giving.


Like I said, do not become anorexic!

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