Barack Obama Shirtless

Barack Obama Shirtless

Barack Obama shirtless! What can be better than that? I will tell what, Barack Obama shirtless sporting Mario Lopez’s six-pack abs.

According to some sources, the presumptive President of the United States, Barack Obama, begins each day with a dawn workout at the gym, which is obviously a good thing, but maybe he needs to pay a little extra attention to his diet. [source: OK!]

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15 Responses to “Barack Obama Shirtless”

  1. ikarus Says:

    he looks (do i really have to say this…) hot! minus the smoking though… i’m a smoker myself and it doesn’t help my body… maybe a some more crunches will help.

  2. Lauren Says:

    This is so stupid. John McCain was right… obama is becoming a celebrity. We dont need a president that has six pack abs, we need one who can effectively lead the country. In the mean time, we have mindless shmucks more concerned with how toned his muscles are than how sturdy his politics are.

  3. nick Says:

    dont be so ignorant lauren.. youre bashing someone because they are healthy

    f off bitch

  4. Vilhelm Black Says:

    So what if he is becoming a celebrity? Is it a crime to have a president who makes physical fitness a priority in his life? Making one’s health a priority is usually a sign of an intelligent, BALANCED individual, and THAT is what we need in the White House. News flash… ALL men are supposed to look like Obama. The problem is that we’ve become a nation of fat slobs, so all of a sudden it seems scandalous to have a president who is fit.

    It amazes me how every time Obama exceeds peoples expectations outside of the political arena, they immediately assume he’s going to be weak as a leader. My guess is that a successful person is successful in ALL AREAS of their life, and seeing that this guy is proactive, and has the discipline to stay in shape just makes me MORE confident that he will do a great job as president. He talks the talk, and WALKS THE WALK. Not like the ex-alcoholic, lying buffoon we’ve had to endure for the past eight years.

  5. Lou Says:

    Lauren wrote:

    “We dont need a president that has six pack abs, we need one who can effectively lead the country. In the mean time, we have mindless shmucks more concerned with how toned his muscles are than how sturdy his politics are.”

    I’m very happy the President Elect demonstrates a healthy lifestyle and good exercise. I agree though, that is not something that qualifies him to be the President.

    Graduating from Harvard Law, teaching Constitutional Law at University of Chicago Law, being the president of the Harvard Law Review, serving as a State legislator and a Senator however, to most people would be…. a reasonable set of qualifications for the job.

    Setting a good and truly needed example to the country in a area of vital national interest (health and health care costs) just happens to be a bonus.

  6. Michelle Says:

    OBAMA’S hot… n our country does’nt need another old fat white guy!!!

  7. maggie Says:

    I agree, Obama is hot, but “does not” is conjugated : “doesn’t”

  8. all vol Says:

    He’s bringing sexy back! Uh, huh! LOL! 😉

  9. Dale Pflum Says:

    It is wonderful that we have a good looking, healthy, family man for president. We do not need another fat slob. It is perfectly fine that he is a celebrity of sorts. That will certainly help our image around the world. He will be better able to set a good image here in this country.

    Those that complain about Obama’s looks, celebrity status, good physique and so on ARE JUST PLAIN JEALOUS.

    Let the Obamas have some relaxing time on the beach. More power to them.

    dale pflum

  10. Lisa Says:

    Michelle Says:

    12-24-08 at 8:31 am
    OBAMA’S hot… n our country does’nt need another old fat white guy!!!

    Why does race have ANYTHING to do with it?? It’s just as racist to vote for a candidate because he’s black, as it is to not vote for one because he’s black. If you can’t see that, you’re disgustingly ignorant. Racism goes both ways; not being racist means being color blind, not championing the underrepresented minority over the majority.

  11. EJK Says:

    Obama — he’s bringing sexy back

  12. Julian Says:

    Lisa — Being color blind is impossible and will never happen for as long as people have eyes (that work) and can notice that black and white are not the same color.

    We all have racial tendencies. That is inherent in our genetics and there is nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging the differences between one person and another – we certainly distinguish ourselves in many other ways:

    I’m fast, you’re slow
    I’m good at math, you’re good at language
    I can’t draw, you can draw
    I am white, you are black

    What is wrong is using what make us different as a reason for excluding one group the rights and privileges of another group. In this respect, we are all created equal and deserve fair and equitable treatment in all possible dimensions.

    Therefore, my definition of a racist is someone that denies the rights of others based on their race. That is wrong. And through time, many people are waking up to the realization that this is in fact wrong.

    I know that I have the occasional racial thought in my mind, but I know that these are private matters that should not impede my ability to give people who are different from me all the same rights and privileges I enjoy.

    Ideally, we could not distinguish between race. But we can, and this will never change. What will change is that we will no longer see it as fair to deny someone their rights because of race.

    But in general, one should not deny anyone their rights in any capacity – I might add. This includes gays, disabled, criminals so on and so forth.

    That is the basic premise of a free society.

  13. Misa Says:

    Julian! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I seriously thought I was the only person who felt that way. Noticing differences is absolutely a part of being human. And your follow-up point. Excellent. Thank you again.

  14. Andrea Says:

    President Obama is hot, smart, hard-working and successful! The best part is that he is our new President and his qualities along with his race brought him to office. He is fresh, he is exotic looking, he has a regal looking wife, who is 5′ 11”, two beautiful girls, international heritage with Kenyan father and half-siblings, Irish mother, half-Indonesian sister, whose husband is Canadian Chinese. His family is like United Nations. He is the true face of America!!!

    I don’t know where that “white fat slob” comes from, though!!! George Bush may be a stupid rich white man, former alcoholic, whose family wealth and power helped him to come to his own power, but you can not call him a fat slob. He is in a fabulous physical shape for his age thanks to his cycling and hiking. Bill Clinton was very handsome at his presidency, George Bush Sr. wasn’t fat at all. Ronald Reagan was a movie star, Gerald Ford was a former football player. Richard Nixon was quite a character and ugly bastard, but he wasn’t fat. Lyndon Johnson wasn’t fat, neither was John Kennedy. As the matter of fact President Kennedy was a SMOKING HOT IRISH MAN!!! I can not think of any of the previous US presidents who were morbidly obese. Some of them were older, some of them were younger, some of them were more competent than the others, but never FAT! Some VPs are fat -Al Gore and Dick Cheney are two white fat slobs, but not Bill Clinton and George Bush. Presidents undergo a very thorough medical examination to ensure that he doesn’t have life threatening conditions, which will jeopardize his stay in office. Be real, people.

  15. Rachelle Says:

    Wow, Who cares if he has a sixpack or a freaking beer belly? That stuff just does not matter.

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