Aubrey O’Day Weight Loss

Aubrey O'Day Weight Loss

Aubrey O’Day‘s weight loss – dramatic or not? Aubrey O’Day’s weight loss is overhyped. What is wrong with Aubrey O’Day’s weight loss? Just like with Aubrey O’Day’s weight, some people take Aubrey O’Day’s weight loss way too seriously. I mean, I have heard some pretty ridicules comments about her efforts to lose weight and get in shape. Too much drama, not enough substance.

Yes, she needs to lose some weight, but she does not need to lose a lot of weight. And, contrary to popular belief, she does not need to lose weight quickly. How much weight does she need to lose? On her reality show, All About Aubrey, she has been told to lose weight (10 to 15 pounds). I have no idea why some seem to think that she is 40 pounds overweight. Do you really want to see Aubrey 40 pounds lighter? I do not. She would look too skinny and shapeless.

So what is she doing to lose weight? I think it is important to point out of what she is not doing to lose weight. She is not using clenbuterol to lose weight, for example, which is one of the easiest and dangerous ways to lose weight. Clenbuterol has been very popular in Hollywood for many years. She is also not using crash diets and dubious dieting tricks to lose weight. Celebrities often do dumb things to drop pounds, which explains why some of them cannot permanently lose weight or keep the lost weight off for any meaningful time period.

I think Aubrey deserves a lot of credit for not doing what celebrities often do to get in shape as quickly as possible. And because she seems to be doing all the right things, Aubrey O’Day’s weight loss is, well, boring. I like boring. Boring works. To lose weight, she has changed her diet and she started exercising regularly. Like I said, boooring, but that is why it works. What else is she doing right? She pays a lot less attention to the scale, and she wants to keep the curves.

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