At Home Spray Tan

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At home spray tan – good idea or not? The following spray tanning tips should help you avoid common spray tanning mistakes that people make at home. Anna Stankiewicz, airbrush tanning specialist at NYC’s Rita Hazan salon, shares how to do it right: Start with clean, exfoliated, dry skin. Smooth a light layer of your regular body lotion onto nails, hands and feet to create a barrier. You do not want these areas to absorb too much product.

Begin applying your chosen sunless tanner to the tops of feet and legs; work your way up. Apply less product to the face. You can always use bronzer to enhance your color. Do not put on any perfume or deodorant right after your sunless tan – they can create undesirable green spots.

Wait for self-tanner to dry thoroughly before slipping on clothes. This typically takes 10 minutes. And here is an interesting tip: Self-tan at night. This way you can sleep in loose PJ’s and wake up with a gorgeous glow.

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