Ashley Tisdale Exercise Routine

Ashley Tisdale Exercise Routine

Continued from Ashley Tisdale’s Workout.

Ashley Tisdale‘s exercise routine is excellent. Why? Because Ashley Tisdale’s exercise routine does not just focus on one thing, it is multidimensional. For example, while Ashley Tisdale’s exercise routine consists of the typical exercises (think free weights and cardio), she also does surfing.

Look at her legs. Are they sculpted or what? Surfing is great for building your leg muscles. Why? Because you are trying to hold a half-squat position on a very unstable surface, which works your legs overtime. Note: If you are not into surfing, you can replicate it at home by standing on the BOSU ball in the half-squat position. In addition to occasional surfing, Ashley Tisdale’s exercise routine includes Pilates and cardio-boxing. [source: Us Weekly]

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