Anne Hathaway Weight

Anne Hathaway Weight

Anne Hathaway‘s weight – healthy or not? Is Anne Hathaway’s weight normal? Is Anne Hathaway’s weight drifting toward a dangerous territory? I think Anne Hathaway’s weight is fine. In other words, there is no reason to worry about Anne Hathaway’s weight. That having been said, the rumors about Anne Hathaway’s weight, specifically about her extreme weight loss, are getting louder and lauder, which begs the following question: Is Anne Hathaway skinny or anorexic?

In my opinion, regardless of what you have heard about Anne Hathaway’s weight loss and Anne Hathaway’s diet and workout, she is not anorexic or skinny. What is the source of the rumors about her weight? Allegedly, to get ready for her role as Fantine in the upcoming film musical, she has been told to lose 16 pounds. For someone who is not overweight, it is not easy to lose 16 pounds, but assuming it is true that she is consuming just 500 calories a day, virtually anyone can lose at least some weight on 500 calories a day.

In addition to consuming only 500 calories a day, allegedly, she has been exercising for two hours, five days a week. So, even if the rumors are true, there is a perfectly legitimate explanation for her allegedly shocking weight loss. It is just a temporary thing, and she should be back to her normal weight in no time. [source: Us Weekly]

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