Anne Hathaway: Weight Loss

Anne Hathaway: Weight Loss

Anne Hathaway‘s weight loss is estimated to be around 25 pounds. The 5’8″ Hathaway has gone from an estimated 150 pounds to 125 pounds, sparking concern about her physical and emotional state following her split from her boyfriend of four years, Raffaello Follieri.

Anne Hathaway’s weight loss is a bit puzzling. She is naturally a size 4 to 6 and was always determined not to conform to skinny Hollywood expectations and hated having to starve herself to play a budding fashionista in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada.

“I was 10 pounds underweight and I didn’t look good,” she says. “It was starting to get scary.” For her latest movie, she wanted a womanly body with curves. “I didn’t want to lose any weight for Get Smart,” she says. Anne stayed fit while filming last summer, but her body has since lost most of its muscle tone.

What is behind Anne Hathaway’s weight loss? Although Anne denies having eating issues – “I have a lot of food sensitivities,” she says. “I know it sounds like code for ‘I’m anorexic,’ but I’m lactose intolerant and can’t eat spicy or fried foods,” says Anne.

Let’s hope Anne will gain some weight back soon! “I’d rather be strong than skinny,” she says. [via]

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  1. Mischa Says:

    Yah wuteva Anne
    If you have a lot of food sensitivities, so how come were u fat before!

  2. kathryn Says:

    Note to Mischa: She was not fat!!! Anne is (or was) an example of a healthy, fit actress with a feminine looking body. As the article states, she wore a size 4 to a 6… How on earth can you consider that fat? It just goes to show people of our modern society how out of touch we have become with the natural state of things and how engrossed we have become with a stylized or fake version of beauty. Beauty is waking up and being happy with the reflection in the mirror: Not the number on the scale or the measurement of ones body!

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