Anne Hathaway Too Skinny

Anne Hathaway Too Skinny

Is Anne Hathaway too skinny? Is Anne Hathaway skinny or anorexic? Given what we know about Anne Hathaway’s weight, Anne Hathaway’s weight loss and Anne Hathaway’s diet and workout, I understand why some people would claim that she is too skinny, but is there really a cause for concern? The short answer is no.

Personally, I do not think she is too skinny. Is she skinny? Well, being skinny is a relative thing. All things being equal, in my opinion, she is borderline average. She is not skinny. Her weight is normal. Normal compared to what, right? I think her weight is normal in a sense that her weight appears to be within a healthy range.

Of course, it goes without saying that in Hollywood, trying to define what is considered normal or not normal weight is a tricky thing to do. But it is not only in Hollywood, the fashion industry is another example. That having been said, I think most people would agree that Hathaway is not too skinny. And yet, some claim that she is not only too skinny, but possibly anorexic. Are those people crazy? I think so. It is certainly a crazy claim.

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