Angie Harmon: Diet and Workout

Angie Harmon: Diet and WorkoutAngie Harmon’s workout As a working mom, Angie Harmon does not really have free time. She does not go to the gym, but it does not mean she is not physically active. What does she do to stay in top shape?

Angie gets the whole family involved in swimming, bike rides and jumping on the backyard trampoline. Harmon says that running around with her daughters is a demanding workout, which is more rewarding than running on the treadmill by herself.

Angie Harmon’s diet As many of our readers already know, staying physically active is only one part of the equation, following a balanced diet is also important, and Angie knows this. Being a Southern, she says that most people have a misconception of Southern food being greasy and deep fried, in reality it is all about big flavor.

Since Angie can actually cook, she knows how to make dishes that are big on flavor but not as big on portion size, which helps keeps calories down without feeling deprived.

Surprisingly, she hates drinking regular water. What is wrong with it? Harmon stays hydrated with Smartwater and claims that Smartwater not only tastes better, but also makes her skin look better. [via Shape]

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