Angelina Jolie Too Skinny

Angelina Jolie Too Skinny

Is Angelina Jolie too skinny? Is Angelina Jolie too skinny and anorexic? Assuming Angelina Jolie is not too skinny, how would she need to look to qualify for being too skinny? It is a scary thought, I know.

This is not the first time she appears to be too thin. For more info on this, take a look at the Angelina Jolie Is Anorexic and Angelina Jolie is Skinny posts. This time, the questions surrounding her weight are pretty much the same as they have been in the past: What is going on with Jolie’s weight? Has she lost weight recently? Why does she look as if she is a typical anorexic haute couture model?

Here is my theory: Angelina Jolie is too skinny because she has never been overweight. Huh? Well, think about it – if a person has never been overweight, and has always been on the thin side, which scenario is more likely? Is it more reasonable to expect that this person will gain weight, or is it more reasonable to expect that this person will lose more weight?

Keep in mind that our weight constantly fluctuates. Some people have a tendency to lose or gain more weight than others, but it is perfectly normal for your weight to yo-yo within a certain range.

Therefore, if a person is already skinny and has a tendency to lose weight, there are going to be times when this person becomes skinnier than usual, which appears to be what is going on now in the Angelina’s case. I hope she will bounce back to her normal weight soon. [source: Us Weekly]

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