Angela Kinsey Bikini

Angela Kinsey Bikini

Angela Kinsey‘s bikini look – hot or not? I think Angela Kinsey’s bikini look is pretty decent. She has lost her baby weight and looks fine. How has Kinsey lost weight? By working long hours and breastfeeding.

Of course, that is not the whole story. The main reason why Angela Kinsey in a bikini looks good has to do with her diet. You can breastfeed and work long days all you want, but if your diet is out of control, you are not going to lose your pregnancy weight – in fact, I bet you will gain even more weight.

What is your opinion? Does Angela Kinsey in a bikini look good enough for someone who has been recently pregnant or does she need to do more to get in better shape? [source: Us Weekly]

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3 Responses to “Angela Kinsey Bikini”

  1. Mickey Mud Turtle Says:

    Huh? If she lost any more weight, she would downright skinny! She looks GREAT!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Are you crazy?! She looks incredible and she’s very skinny! She shouldn’t lose any more weight! Stop pressuring women into meeting impossibly high standards!

  3. curtis Says:

    Do “more work to get in shape”? Are you f-ing kidding me? She’s in better shape than 99.99 percent of anyone I know of. What does the author of this STUPID article expect her to do – become one of those freaky “undernourished bodybuilder” type celebs like Kelly Ripa, with the bones all sticking out and the creepy, hard, unfeminine and unattractive washboard ab thing? Angela is in enviable (and very hot) shape for a woman of any age, with or without children. Enough with the stupidity!

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