Andrew Zimmern Shirtless

Andrew Zimmern Shirtless

Andrew Zimmern shirtless – food for thought or just bizarre? Andrew Zimmern shirtless vs. Corey Harrison – who looks better? Correy Harrison is fat, but what about Andrew Zimmern’s shirtless bod? Does he weigh more than Correy? It is hard to say. Maybe he does, maybe he does not. Does it really matter? I do not think it does. What does matter, in my opinion, is that he seems to be overweight and possibly obese.

Sure, part of his job requires him to eat, a lot, but the question is: Can he gain muscle mass instead of body fat? That is where Mike Sorrentino’s workout and Chris Hemsworth’s workout come in. Together with the calorie shifting diet, he can lose weight and gain muscle mass. Does he need to do that? Of course not. I mean, it is up to him. I just think that less body fat and more muscle mass would make him look a little better, okay, a lot better, not only without a shirt, but also on Bizarre Foods.

What do you think? Does he need to lose weight at all? How much weight does Zimmern need to lose? I think he needs to lose at least 60 pounds, which is not that hard, assuming one follows a good diet and a moderate exercise program. [source: Star]

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