America Ferrera Weight

America Ferrera Weight

Is America Ferrera‘s weight going up? Has America Ferrera’s weight been always the same? No, it has not been. Some claims that America Ferrera’s weight has increased recently to the point of making her obviously overweight. Does she care? “I’m glad that the job I have doesn’t call for me to eat celery!” she says.

Speaking of celery, does she need to go on the celery diet? No, of course she has to stay away from fad diets, but does she need to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks? I do not know how fast she needs to lose weight, the question is, however: Does she need to lose any weight at all? Is America Ferrera’s weight out of control at this point?

While it is hard to ignore her belly fat, I do not think her weight is out of control. In my opinion, she needs to lose at least 20 pounds. Oh, and celery should be included in her diet. It cannot help her lose weight, but it does contain some nutrients. [source: Us Weekly]

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