America Ferrera: Weight Loss and Diet

America Ferrera: Weight Loss and DietIf you tune into the second-season premiere of Ugly Betty on Sept. 27 and notice that Betty, aka America Ferrera, looks thinner than she did last year, your eyes are not deceiving you.

A source close to the actress says, “She’s lost about 20 pounds at this point, and a few inches all over. She has replaced a lot of the fat that was on her body with lean muscle.”

In an industry that appears to prefer stick-thin over zaftig, many wonder if the 23-year-old’s weight loss is intentional.

Those close to her insist it is not, and that dropping pounds is simply a byproduct of her busy schedule. “She [lost weight] because her schedule is extremely demanding and she needs to keep her energy up at all times,” says a source.

America recently told Glamour magazine that being the “spokeswoman for curvy figures” isn’t something she focuses on in particular. “I don’t hate it,” America says.

“I feel like I’m a regular person – I’m a size 6 or 8, which is totally normal… I do feel like if I wanted to get in better shape, there might be a backlash of ‘Why isn’t she comfortable with herself anymore?'”

America Ferrera’s weight loss and diet Although it seems that losing weight wasn’t part of America’s grand plan, a friend of the actress says that it is easy to figure out how she did it. “America tries to stick to lean proteins paired with fruits and vegetables,” the pal says.

“Another trick she stands by is never skipping breakfast, even if it’s just grabbing yogurt and an apple or a granola bar. She’s learned her lesson that skipping this meal ruins you for the rest of the day.”

That’s not to say America doesn’t have some indulgences, says the friend. “She splurges on home-cooked Mexican food and she doesn’t skip dessert – she just splits it with friends or has a few bites.” [via]

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8 Responses to “America Ferrera: Weight Loss and Diet”

  1. John King Says:

    Leave the gal alone with her weight.Whether she is chubbier or lighter, the question is, is she happy? As long as she is, I am, and I think she looks lovely either way.

  2. Ravelle Says:

    I think she looks great either way. I’m a chubby girl myself and look up to her, she is like my hero. A beautiful, strong, loving, smart woman. I think what she does is great and people need to stop judging her!!! America Ferrera keep doing whatever your doing as long as it makes YOU happy.

  3. lovemycurves Says:

    Yes but why does she keep the losing weight a big secret? if anything she should be dang proud of it!!!

  4. Laura Says:

    Frankly, she was way too pudgy before. In an underwear scene in “Real Women Have Curves” she’s carrying a lot of fat rolls in her waistline. She looks much better now.

  5. Chelsea Says:

    Woah, Laura. America is beautiful EVEN in the underwear scene from that movie. Her confidence in herself and her ability to be happy no matter how she looks makes her shine in a way very few people, especially those in Hollywood, can these days. Overweight, chubby, slim, tiny; you have to be happy with how you are. And America I think IS happy. Thusfore, she is truly and remarkably beautiful. So don’t judge her; it really only means you yourself are jealous, and wish you had her confidence and self esteem. Woo! Go America!!

  6. A Says:

    WOW…good for her. You know something at the weight and the way her body is now she would have had the ideal body in the 50’s/60’s and it sucks that in todays world she would be considered fat. I dont think she is, a size 6 or 8 isnt fat at all….Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford have said that they were size 6’s when they first started modeling. Im happy for America and as long as her weight loss is more health related instead of because she wants to look good on camera or producers are pushing her to get “skinny” then its cool

  7. Julie Says:

    Leave the girl alone! As long as her health is good and she’s happy so be it. Hollywood only thinks in terms of physical appearance; so one-dimensional. They don’t give a damn what’s inside a person. If you’re not a size 0 or 1, you’re too fat. America is beautiful inside and out and I’m not saying that because I am a heavy person because I’m not. Way to go, America! You’ve got more supporters than you think.

  8. Breal Says:

    Wow, a size 6 or 8, and people think she’s fat? Wake up, folks. That’s still pretty thin!

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