Amber Riley Fat

Amber Riley Fat

Is Amber Riley fat? Is Amber Riley fat and in denial? She says she is not a “fat girl,” because she cannot be defined by the size of her dress. But Amber Riley’s weight is out of control. She is a size 16. Amber Riley’s weight is estimated to be around 190 pounds. She is only 23, by the way.

So why is Amber Riley fat? She seems to be addicted to pizza and Burger King, which is a perfect combination if your goal is to gain weight. Lots of calories and simple carbs never fail in the weight gain department. But do not expect her to start a sugar detox anytime soon, and do not expect her to learn how to lose weight fast either. Despite the fact that her weight creates a number of problems for her, she does not want to lose weight.

While she acknowledges that it is hard to find clothing options that look good on her, and that she should probably lose some weight, Riley does not want to change her diet because eating healthy does not make her feel good. I do not get it. She seems to be addicted to junk food, she seems to know that it is a problem, yet she does not want to let go. Or maybe she cannot let go. Should she get help? I think she needs to make an appointment with a certified nutritionist as soon as possible. [source: Life and Style]

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  1. mary cornforth Says:

    I totally disagree with ALL of this! She is happy in her body and I know all of us girls stand in the mirror and say what we don’t like about our bodies, she has the confidence to love her curves just as I do. You don’t have the right to rag on her about her body. Us curvy women have it way harder than all the skinny chicks out there. And about her size… a 16 you really think that is so huge?!? that’s the size I wear and proud of it! The most common size for women to wear is a 12, not everyone is a size 0. and we can find clothes just fine and we know how to be fashionista’s and work the curves. so plz quite hating on plus size girls. of all things you should be hating on the anorexic celebs we are supposed to look up to.

  2. elisha Says:

    It’s ok that she feels comfortable with who she is, but come on, she is not a curvy girl, she is fat. curvy girls are scarlett johansson or kim kardashian. This girl is really overweight. Of course, she is great singing and I bet she has an amazing personality, but for her own health, she should lose some weight.

  3. kelsey Says:

    You aren’t her doctor. Therefore, you have no right to say if she has to lose weight or not.

  4. jc Says:

    seriously? CURVY?? no no no, curvy are the women who elisha stated, along with christina hendricks etc. This girl is fat, and if she was not a tv star nor a singer, you along with your friends would look at her in disgust at how fat she was. Granted not everyone can be skinny, but people should aim to be healthy and having knowledge about the harm you do to your body by eating bad is something everyone should know. I know people who are naturally thin and they eat and drink bad, so in the end it comes down to health and not loving your curves and all that stuff.

  5. murielle Says:

    you should not judge her about her weight she doesn’t want to lose weight and if she loses it then she wont be her anymore and at least the girl has an amazing voice

  6. cat Says:

    I agree with ‘kelsey’. Some people may be perfectly healthy, but not skinny. Some people may be healthy at size 16. Amber says she exercises regularly and eats well. Why do you say she’s addicted to junk food? Don’t be so quick to assume and judge.

  7. MB Says:

    She’s fat. No girl gets to that weight without developing some sort of athersclerosis. From a medical perspective, she is at dangerous risk for heart disease. I prefer not to test BMI simply because it is not entirely accurate, but I can very much estimate that from the size of her compared to her height, she is carrying quite the percentage of fat no only on her body, but within around and within her blood vessels. I’d put her at an increased risk of embolism, heart disease, and heart attack.

  8. Hay Says:

    Are you all really that delirious to think she is that FAT! She is a size 16! While that is plus sized, it’s not that abnormal. AND you are all overlooking on key thing: she has to live a pretty active life with all the dance rehearsals and long hours. There is the myth out there that you have to be a size 6 to be considered healthy and all fat people are fat because they like bon bons and sit on there buns. I am a size 16 and play semi-professional rugby. I eat healthy and run 3 miles three times a week on top of rugby practice 2 times a week (which are like boot camp) and at least one game every weekend (I’m a starter). I could probably physically out perform all of you, I just have a DIFFERENT BODY TYPE than others. She may need to change her eating habits but she doesn’t need to change her body. Oh and you really consider scarlett johansson or kim kardashian as your curvy examples because they have a behind?! That is not the only thing that defines you as curvy and I doubt they eat healthy because they are most likely starving themselves and that is NOT HEALTHY. Ya’ll need a reality check. Learn to love your body.

  9. jc Says:

    @ Hay…who said anything about johansson an kim kardashian being curvy because they have a behind? that’s their body shape because they are CURVY!! smooth curves…not fat curves. And please don’t say you could physically out perform ppl on here, it’s not a competition, it’s about being healthy inside AND looking healthy outside.

    @ mary…the most common size for a woman to wear is size 12? you don’t see anything wrong with that? wow.

  10. jessica Says:

    well, i saw the last episode of glee, and she seems to have lost weight anyways

  11. Sammi S Says:

    OMG haters, Amber is awesome the way she is. it’s HER choice and HER life to do whatever she wants, and i know people who are much fatter than her. Anyway, she has an amazing personality and seems really down-to-earth. It’s people like you who are degrading yourself and others. If she feels comfortable in the way she’s in, LET her be. Besides, she looks hot, and she’s really pretty. In fact, if she lost weight, i would stop watching glee. Go amber!

  12. Sarah Says:

    Now they have an even more disgustingly obese creature on Glee. That hideous blue whale Ashley Fink makes Amber Riley look fit.

  13. Maranda Says:

    Gezz. Stop with all the “She’s fat” nonsense. She is a HEALTHY size. In fact, the average woman wears a size 14. Riley’s just 2 sizes above that. PERFECTLY NORMAL. Besides, she’s a beautiful, confident young woman who can look fierce in whatever she wears. To the people like “Sarah”, “MB” and all those other haters, I think it’s disgusting how you guys who are hating on “fat” people. Seriously, stop being so shallow and learn how to except people no matter what size clothes they wear.

  14. Allison Says:

    Maybe you don’t get it because, unlike some people, Amber is happy with who she is, regardless of her weight. I’m in the same boat she is, and I’ve just now gotten to the point where I love myself. Shes beautiful inside and out because she has courage and confidence. Size doesn’t matter. If shes happy, leave her alone. Being healthy is one thing, being skinny is another. Just because you’re skinny doesn’t mean you’re healthy either. But you’d rather her be skinny so she can fit into the Hollywood crowd. Well I give Amber props for being who she is, and not falling into the nonsense.

  15. Jill Says:

    Wow. Clearly this website is for sickly skinny girls with self-esteem issues. Come on people…all you have to do with your time is hate on others? She seems happy. Who the hell cares how much she weighs? I guarantee this girl, and MANY other heavy, curvy, healthy girls are much happier than the sad pathetic anorexic girls on this site.

  16. Matt Says:

    OMG she is not a healthy size!! she is very very fat and needs to loose weight, no way can she lead a healthy lifestyle and get to be that size, and anyone who says she does is an fool! You can say she is healthy all you like but when she gets diabetes and heart attacks because she’s so fat she’ll have none to blame but herself!

  17. BiebersGirlx Says:

    WOW people need to seriously get a grip amber may not be the skinniest of celebrities but she’s happy the way she is she’s gorgeous the way she is it’s her life so if she is happy then that Is all that matters its her choice whether she wants to lose weight or not people need to stop being so shallow she may be fitter than all of us considering the amount of exercise she must do for dance rehearsals… You shouldn’t cOmpare her to other celebs because she’s her own person and it’s what’s on the inside that counts people expect so much out of girls nowadays were not all size 0 some of us might be healthy size 8 don’t you think amber gets en

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