Alison Sweeney: Eating and Diet Plan

Alison Sweeney: Eating and Diet PlanHere is a sample of Alison Sweeney eating plan.

Breakfast: “Eggs, turkey bacon, whole-wheat toast.”

Mid-morning snack: “Fruit and maybe yogurt or almonds or low-fat string cheese.”

Lunch: “Turkey or chicken with salad and low-fat dressing, yam, couscous or wild rice.”

Dinner: “I try to cut back on the carbs and have protein, vegetables and fruit.”

Jacqueline Baumrind, founder of, tells OK!: “The breakfast is great because it has protein in the eggs, fat in the bacon and carbohydrates in the bread.

The snacks are excellent, but watch the portion size with the almonds – a handful is good. It’s nice to add carbs to lunch because it’ll make you more satisfied.

Remember, dinner is the last meal before you wake up the next day, so don’t cut out the carbs completely. Have half a cup of rice or a baked potato.” [source: OK!]

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