Airbrush Spray Tan

Airbrush Spray Tan

I am not a big fan of an airbrush spray tan. Why not? Because we need vitamin D, which is generated in our bodies from the sun exposure. Assuming you are careful, I think a natural tan is healthier and it looks better. That said, an airbrush spray tan can be useful. Here is how an airbrush spray tan works.

The deal Choose either a machine or an aesthetician to mist you from head to toe into bronzed bliss. Avoid showering for six to eight hours after being sprayed, and your tan will last for up to a week.

Cost $30 – $80; varies with salons.

What’s cool You will score a beach babe complexion without exposure to UV rays.

What’s not The color will be extremely intense the first few hours following your treatment. Schedule your tan at least a day before an event to avoid an unnatural hue.

Quick tip If you are too shy to get sprayed in the buff, wear a teeny-weeny bikini and tuck in the straps to minimize tan lines. [source: OK!]

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