9 Inch Diet

9 Inch Diet

How did author Alex Bogusky lose three inches from his waist? Bu taking three inches off his dish. But what does The 9-Inch Diet has to do with it? Here is the story.

When Alex Bogusky moved into a 1940s house six years ago, he was dismayed to discover his new dishes did not fit in the cupboards. “I was thinking, ‘What kind of idiot makes cabinets that do not fit a normal plate?'” he recalls.

That’s when it hit him: Today’s “normal” plate is abnormally huge – about 30 percent bigger than it was 40 years ago – a point Bogusky, 45, drives home with powerful imagery in his new book, The 9-Inch Diet.

Now Bogusky – who has whittled 3 inches from his waist since switching to 9-inch plates five years ago – is leading the revolution to downsize dinnerware. “The plate,” he says, “is a really practical portion-control tool.” [via]

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