7 Day Carb Cycle Solution

7 Day Carb Cycle Solution

The 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution – useful or not? Does The 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution work? Can The 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution help you lose a lot of weight? In my opinion, the answer to all of those questions is yes. Despite the fact that this book is not perfect and sometimes sounds as if it is a typical “honky tonk badonkadonk” just a few fries short of a Happy Meal, I love this book. Why?

Because The 7 Day Carb Cycle Solution puts together very powerful weight loss concepts in an easy to understand format. What am I talking about? I am talking about carbohydrate cycling, calorie shifting, fast digesting carbs, and slow digesting carbs. None of it is new, of course, but just because it is not new does not mean it does not work. The slow carbs fast carbs thingy works, big time. Carbohydrate and calorie cycling work, together or separately. The best results are achieved when you cycle calories and carbohydrates. If that sounds too complicated or inconvenient, cycling either is much better than not cycling at all.

The book is an easy and enjoyable read. But its main strength is how practical and easy it is to follow. It contains everything you need to lose weight, or at least to start losing weight and once you get going and understand how and why the process works, you can and probably should make adjustments to the plan so that it fits your individual lifestyle and preferences. It is not about blindly following a weight loss plan, it is about learning what works for you, what does not work for you and how to make it work for you.

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