5 Fat Burning Foods

5 Fat Burning Foods

I will be the first to tell you that the idea behind the so-called fat burning foods is a bunch of baloney. But if you are familiar with the list of fat burning foods, you already know that. The thing is, some diet experts do not seem to agree with me. They claim that certain foods can help you burn body fat. So, in the interest of presenting the other side of the argument, here are the 5 fat-burning foods that some claim can help you lose weight.

Edamame The soybean snack is packed with choline, a compound that blocks the absorption of fat. “Plus, they have protein and fiber that help satisfy hunger,” says Kansas City nutritionist Mitzi Dulan.

Swiss cheese This calcium-rich food can prevent the release of a hormone that causes the body to store fat, says Dulan, coauthor of The All-Pro Diet.

Apples Many people like to preslice the fruit so it is ready for snacking. Los Angeles nutritionist Lisa De Fazio says apples are a smart pick because the fiber and pectin (the white part) “can lower cholesterol and fat.”

Berries It is a great idea to load up on strawberries and blueberries, which, along with raspberries, are loaded with filling fiber. Says Dulan, “They stabilize your blood sugar and prevent insulin spikes, which lead to abdominal obesity.”

Eggs If you start your day with whole eggs, thumbs up to you, says Dulan: “The combo of protein and fat in an egg takes longer to digest, so you stay satisfied [longer].” [via]

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